Dallas High School Men's Group Scholarship

The Dallas High School Men’s Group consists of any man that attended or graduated from the Old Dallas High School up to 1972. The group meets once a month, normally the second week of each month to fellowship and maintain the bonds of early years of development at Dallas High School. The group shares life experiences and awards yearly scholarships to North Gaston High School students planning to attend Gaston College in honor and memory of classmates who were killed in action in Vietnam. Participation in other joint ventures promoting community welfare are encouraged.

Scholarships distributed from this Fund may be awarded only to North Gaston High School seniors who have been accepted for admission to Gaston College (GC) and who attend in the semester immediately following their high school graduation. Applicants must satisfy all Gaston College requirements for enrollment. Financial need will be considered, but is not a requirement, in the selection of the scholarship recipient. Student advisors at North Gaston High School determine through an application process (attached for reference) the recipient(s) of the scholarships. The number of scholarships awarded will vary yearly depending on funds available.

Applications are distributed by North Gaston High School.