Gaston County Home Health Agency, Inc.

Gaston County Home Agency, Inc. a nonprofit agency and the first private home health agency in Gaston County, was chartered and started in 1979 by a nurse, Eileen Klimkowski, with a community-based board of directors to provide home health care services consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical social work, nutrition, respiratory and speech therapy to families in Gaston, Cleveland, Mecklenburg and Lincoln counties.

In 1985, Gaston County Home Health Agency, Inc. was in a financial crisis because of Medicare cut backs and the delivery of care to those unable to pay for services. Donations from local churches, philanthropic organizations and money from the state gave the agency the financial strength to continue to provide home health services.

Gaston County Home Health Agency, Inc. was dissolved in 2000 and the board of directors distributed the funds to churches and philanthropic organizations that helped them financially in 1985 and to area nonprofit 501-c-3 agencies whose mission is to serve the community. Gaston County Home Health Agency, Inc. became a for-profit agency, Emerald Care Inc. and continues to provide a full range of home health care services to our community.


As a result of their generous gift to the Gaston College Foundation upon the organization’s dissolution, a faculty enrichment fund and a scholarship fund were set up to honor the legacy of Gaston County Home Health Agency, Inc.